Tatami Mats proving popular for Futon style Beds

Tatami Sofa Open Naturals 600Here at Futon World we have, over the years, seen the coming and going of various types of futon furniture but some, like our Tatami Mats, seem to keep popularity whatever ‘trends’ rise and fall. We think this is because of the simple and timeless design of the tatami mat and it’s practical use as a bed or floor mat.

Tatami Mats have traditionally been sold by us combined with a bed frame such as our Tokyo Bed but we have found an increasing number of customers who are now buying tatami mats to go straight on the floor as a bed combined with a futon mattress for use in area’s with a low ceiling height, such as an attic room, loft or mezzanine bedroom where the low height can increase the perception of space in the room.

The options for combining tatami with futon mattresses are many so we would suggest you give us a call and discuss your requirements.

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