Wabi Tatami Mat


The versatile Wabi Tatami folds out into a bed or floor mat or can stand as a room divider screen, available with FREE UK wide delivery.




The typical tatami mat features a compressed rice straw filling covered in an Igusa, soft rush, weave giving an authentic tatami look and firm feel.

The Wabi Tatami, by Karup Design of Denmark, works well as a base for your futon mattress, either as a floor mat or with one of our tatami suited bed frames. It's natural materials allow for good insulation and comfort. The Wabi is constructed with four sections that are joined together by a black binding fabric, allowing for easy folding and storage. The folding feature also allows this tatami to be used as a room divider screen, by standing it up vertically - please see images for reference.


160cm tall when standing vertically.

160cm wide open flat as a bed. 
140cm wide stood up freely in a zig-zag position as a screen.

200cm long open flat as a bed/floor mat.

2cm thick.


  • Traditional compressed rice straw filling
  • Woven Igusa (soft rush) front covering.
  • Fabric base.
  • Ready to use from the box.
  • Works as a floor mat or room divider.

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Wabi Tatami Size

160 x 200 cm

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