FutoLatex Futon Mattress for bed use – Natural Latex


This lovely futon mattress is manufactured down here in Devon using the best fillings of pure lambswool, cotton rich felt and a core of natural latex.


Futon Mattress Protector Option

This is an added comfort, great quality, addition to the top of any bed or futon mattress, and fits under the bottom sheet. The soft natural absorbent cotton cover and filling adds luxury and comfort, designed to be washed at high temperatures to remove allergens.


The FutoLatex futon mattress is well made with a good quality interior filling, this a mattress which many will aspire to for a traditional firm but supportive sleep.
Natural Latex is farmed from Rubber Trees (Havea Brasilliensis). The liquid latex is converted into foam latex by introducing air and heat creating a foam structure ventilated by airholes. Latex is naturally supportive and performs well in regaining its form and shape, it is also hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and breathable, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.


The Mattress ('Futolatex') is sumptiously hand made:- inside the cotton casing is a top and bottom layer of natural lambswool then 4 layers of cotton rich felt surrounding a natural latex core. We recommend the use of a mattress protector for this mattress.

NOTE - we are only producing the Futo-Latex mattress upholstered in Natural Cotton Drill at present; colour drills are not available.


Permanent sleeping mattress for a slatted base, tatami mats or the floor.

Delivery Information

Only two width's offered at the moment - 4'6" x 6'3" (137 x 190cm) or 5'0" x 6'3" (150cm x 200cm)

In stock for a speedy delivery. (Delivery Mainland UK £Free).

N.B. Please also note that the Carriers are only contracted to deliver to the front door of a premise. Onward delivery to a flat/appartment or any particular room in a house are the responsibility of the purchaser.


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