Folding Tatami Mat


A useful folding Tatami mat, perfect for a ‘carry around’ bed or exercise mat.
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These lovely new Tatami mats make a practical solution when you need a robust 'carry around' bed mat or exercise mat for Yoga or Meditation. It is available in 3 handy sizes, 70cm wide, 80cm or 90cm.

The Tatami is filled with compressed rice straw and comprises four separate sections that are jointed with a cotton fabric binding, the tatami can be easily folded into a compact size and stored in the neat, zip-up, carry bag.

Should you wish to use this Tatami as a permanent bed mat it will fill that roll nicely and can be used under one of our selection of futon mattresses.

Folding Tatami Mat Size:

70cm x 200cm x 1.5cm / 80cm x 200cm x 1.5cm / 90cm x 200cm x 1.5cm

70/80/90cm wide x 52 cm long x 6.5 cm thick when bagged to carry.


The folding Tatami can be used as a permanent or 'carry about' bed mat or makes a perfect mat for exercise such as Yoga or Meditation.

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Folding Tatami Mat

70cm x 200cm x 1.5cm, 80cm x 200cm x 1.5cm, 90cm x 200cm x 1.5cm


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