Cocoloc Tatami Mats


Similar to our Traditional Tatami Bed Mats, these Cocoloc Tatami feature an additional layer of coconut hair and cotton based natural filling, making them softer and lighter.

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Introducing the Cocoloc Tatami Mats - a deluxe, natural option!

These Tatami Mats look like traditional rice straw tatami but are lighter, softer to touch and filled with durable natural materials. 

At the centre of these tatamis are an 18mm layer of Cocoloc - Natural coconut hair fibres bonded together using natural latex rubber (from a rubberwood tree). This is topped with a 10mm layer of mixed cotton and linen, giving a soft flexible surface, and woven Igusa (soft rush) grass. The edge is then bound with black canvas fabric to give it a traditional look. 

The Cocoloc Tatami are available in three sizes; 70 cm wide x 200 cm long, 80 cm wide x 200 cm long or 90 cm wide x 200 cm long, all sizes being 3 cm thick, just make your choice from the menu below.

The Cocoloc Tatami are perfect as an exercise or yoga mat, and also as a traditional bed base or floor mat. 

Please Note: the price is per tatami mat, i.e. for one mat.


Suitable as an everyday bed base, flooring mat or exercise mat. NOT suitable for use on sofa or sofa bed futons as the Tatami Mat cannot bend or be rolled.

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