About Futons

All About Futons

We offer a variety of futon mattresses to suit different requirements - from occasional to everyday use (the suitability of each is normally indicated on the product description page). We sell Futons that fold away to become chairs or sofas and Futon Mattresses for slatted or sprung-slatted beds, as well as futons to use on their own on the floor, and a choice of bed frames suitable for use with, or without, our futon mattresses.

As futon users ourselves we take care in the quality of the products that we offer as we want you to be pleased with your purchase and tell your friends and family all about how great sleeping on a futon is.

What is a Futon?

A Futon is a type of mattress, used originally in Japan, that could be rolled out onto the floor for sleeping then rolled, or folded up, for room space during the day. The futon mattress would originally have been filled with cotton or wool wadding and these original futon mattresses would have generally been only a couple of inches thick providing a firm sleeping area.

The majority of futons we sell today are much thicker and can therefore be put on various types of bases. The thickness of the mattress is determined by the number of 'layers' it has in it. These layers usually comprise of cotton and wool felt, sometimes combined with modern reflex foams, polyesters or natural latex and coir.

Why buy a Futon?

For most of us, space is increasingly becoming a luxury, and we need to look at ways of making the most of the space we have. Not only are they outstanding, natural, and healthy permanent bed systems, they are excellent sofa-beds and chair-beds. They are used in spare rooms, children's bedrooms, attic conversions, sitting rooms, and conservatories to create more use of space.

The 'normal' sofa-bed is heavy, expensive, and generally uncomfortable! The futon sofabed is versatile, in that it can be assembled almost anywhere; is a comfortable sofa/chair, and an excellent bed; is very practical with a loose cover; and as furniture goes is inexpensive. As nothing lasts for ever, one can change the futon mattress in time to completely rejuvenate it, at a fraction of the cost of a new one!

Environmentally Friendly?

We certainly believe so - our futons are primarily made of cotton and wool felt. The wool felt being a mixture of sterile reclaimed fibres, between 40-50% pure wool. All the wood used in our bases is from renewable sources, and the quality of our futon bases means your purchase will last for many years.

How about cleaning Futons?

We offer a range of removable covers which can be dry-cleaned, and in some cases machine washed. The buttoned, natural drill futon is not easy to clean - gentle sponge cleaning of a small area with soapy water is possible making sure to thoroughly dry the dampened patch before use (See our range of easy to clean removable covers).