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Futon World - Futons, Covers and Mattresses

Here at Futon World we have a comprehensive range of futons, futon sofabeds, futon mattresses and bed products, along with a choice of furnishing accessories.

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Having sold futon sofabeds, and futon mattresses, since 1985 we have built up a considerable knowledge and understanding of what we all want from a space-saving, practical, and comfortable range of futon furniture.

At Futon World we are pleased to have kept our focus on the quality of product and offer a complete range of futon mattress products and sofa beds, from traditional pine futons through to contemporary hardwood futon sofa beds and we hope you will find futons in our range to suit your requirements. Buying a futon mattress can be a complex choice, as can choosing a suitable futon sofabed, as it is important to select a product to suit your requirements, so please call us if you wish to have a chat about your futon options.

Many of our futons are available for rapid delivery, some as quickly as 48 hours, and most with 7 to 10 days. If you have a specific requirement for delivery of a futon please call to check availability.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our store and we look forward to hearing from you... Just click a box in the navigation on the right to begin shopping at our futon company!


Shopping for a futon mattress?

We know that searching for your ideal futon mattress can be confusing and time consuming. Futon World have a great selection of futon mattresses for every occasion, from tri-fold futon mattresses, for the classic A frame futon, to traditional lambswool and woolfelt futons to our luxury Pocket Futoflex futon mattress. If youve any questions or would like our advice on purchasing and using a futon mattress just call us today.

A Futon Bed for everyday use?

Many people have found using a futon mattress as their everyday bed to be a comfortable and supportive option. You can use a futon mattress on top of a wood slatted type bed frame, including our selection of Futon Low Level Beds. We would recommend choosing a good quality futon mattress designed for everyday use, such as our Traditional 8-layer futon mattress or our Pocket FutoFlex mattress. For advice on choosing a Futon Bed or using a futon mattress on your existing bed frame either call or mail us today.

The Futon World Community

You can find out further information about us here at Futon World by following us on Facebook or logging onto the Futon Blog, where you will find articles and discussions giving further details on our products as well as an insight into the lives of the people at Futon World. We always welcome your feedback, customer reviews can be read here on our site, so if youve any comments or recommendations for us please feel free to pass them our way.

Also view our friends at the Futon Shop for Futons and Futon Mattress products made in the UK.

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